Vitamin C - What's with all the hype?

Vitamin C - What's with all the hype?

Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant that’s essential for not only our internal health but also our skin. As we don’t naturally produce it in our bodies, we need to add vitamin C orally or topically—both of which have a multitude of benefits. 


Vitamin C for the face delivers daily protection against premature aging, pollution, blue light, heavy metals, and other free radical damage that can cause dullness, premature lines, dark spots, dryness, and rough patches.


With clinically proven benefits to adding daily vitamin C serums to your skincare, it shields skin from damaging free radicals, boost your skin’s defenses, while also delivering major brightening and complexion clarity too. And, if you’re worried vitamin C lightens skin, that’s a skincare myth. 


Vitamin C is perfectly safe for all skin tones, protecting and promoting your natural glow. Perfect for all skin types—even sensitive, vitamin C is a universal treatment to add to any concern-specific skincare routine. Vitamin C helps acne by helping reduce acne-induced inflammation and improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation.


Why We're Different

Not all Vitamin C’s are created equal. Find a Vitamin C that is both water-soluble and oil-soluble. This is important as oil-soluble versions have longer stability and are held in your skin longer than the water-soluble version. 


Brighten has 3 types of vitamin C’s that are ‘time-released’ rather than flooding the skin all at once. This prolongs the release of Vitamin C so it can form a reservoir of activity in your skin and reduces and eliminates irritation from the flood of vitamin C that occurs with the unstable water-soluble only form.


Brightens time-released, targeted delivery systems slowly and evenly disperse not one, not two, but three different stabilized forms of Vitamin C and E. This unique delivery system means it's more easily absorbed, magnifying Vitamin C's antioxidant and cell protective power by up to six times!


Within a few days to weeks of use, your skin is left radiant, your skin tone is more even, and has fewer blocked pores than ever. Brighten is also gentle, with a no-sting formula that is proven safe for sensitive skin. It goes on soft and smooth, with a comforting scent of rosehip oil and lemon peel oil.


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