⁠"⁣I want to provide you with hope and the tools you need to figure out what’s happening to your skin and why. I look forward to helping you.''

- Katelyn, Founder & Creator of Medikate.

Hi, Friends!

If we haven’t met already, I’m Katelyn Rousselle. Creator of Medikate Skincare. Medikate is a small business based out of Alberta, inspired by my passion for achieving healthy skin. I feel so lucky to have a job that connects me with my purpose, and I have been an Esthetician for 17 years now. ⁠

Growing up with acne took a huge toll on my self esteem and confidence. I’m here today in hopes to help you overcome whatever skin issue you are dealing with.

My goal when opening The Skin Room in 2012 was to help others who struggled just like I did and I knew I wanted to take it further. I began researching ingredients and incorporating them into my treatment room. ⁠

In 2016, I launched Medikate. As I saw improvements in my own skin - and that of my clients - I felt so fulfilled! I worked towards developing a more comprehensive and customizable product lineup, to address a range of concerns my clients had shared with me in my treatment room. The results are what you see in my store today!

I believe every person deserves to feel and become the best version of themselves and for
me and many others that starts with clear skin. I know firsthand how hard it is to trust and invest in someone or another skincare line or treatment hoping it will finally work. I felt hopeless, I tried everything. I wasted time and money and all of the false promises: Dermatologists, antibiotics, topical prescriptions,
facial treatments, essential oils, the list goes on!

I promise to be honest and devote my time to truly listening to you. I will customize your skincare plan specifically to what your skin needs. Acne is not just a one-size-fits-all and I will not treat your concerns that way. I understand how you’re feeling, and I am ready to give you your confidence back.