Less Social Campaign


2021 was an incredible year for Medikate. We crushed goals, exceeded our own expectations, and most importantly, we helped so many of you become confident in your skin. 
In 2022, we’re looking forward to setting new goals and taking the business to the next level. 
We also encourage our Medikate community, more than ever, to take care of themselves. Despite being a skincare brand, we believe that self-care doesn’t stop at using our products. We remain fully aware that skincare is only one of many elements that contribute to the ultimate self-care routine.


With that said, my number one goal for 2022 is to unplug. Medikate will be showing up less in your feed in the new year to encourage you, our community, to be somewhere else. 


We’re saying goodbye to the daily scroll of social media, and we hope you aim to do the same! Let’s spend more time and energy on things that matter.


I want to create and sell products that help people achieve healthy skin, but I also want to advocate for my customers’ overall well-being — including their mental health. The serious mental effects of social media (especially on women) can’t be ignored, and we invite you to join us in removing ourselves from this hurtful cycle. 


Don’t worry — we’ll still share helpful Q&As, education on the importance of skin health, and tips & tricks for using your Medikate. 


So, where can you find us? Email! All new product launches, promotions, and updates will be sent via email first. Our Medikaters that have been here from day one will hear from us via email, text, and of course, on our website. 


Look out for new and exciting content coming to your inbox in 2022!