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1:1 Acne Coaching

Acne Prone | Mild | Moderate | Severe

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to acne. Which is why Katelyn offers a one on one acne coaching option customized for each individual acne case. It will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to find a solution for your acne.


The 1:1 Acne Coaching is a 30-45 minute session (virtual or in-person) that will give you a better idea of what is causing your acne and will provide you recommendations to help clear your skin.


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Your Acne Program Consultation will include


You will answer many questions regarding your skin concerns, current skincare routine, lifestyle & diet questions, along with any current or past medical history.

Determine Your Goals

Deciding the best plan of action for achieving your goals for healthier skin.

Q & A

Taking time to help answer any questions you have about the program and the process so you can make the best choice for your skin.

1:1 Acne Coaching 

Tailored to YOU It’s time for me to make a plan. I will take all of the information gathered both written and verbal and use it to create your customized Acne program. It will include products, treatments, recommended supplements and personal dietary recommendations.

How to Navigate Your Plan

Your welcome package will include proper instructions on how to use each product with a customized am/pm routine written just for you.

Follow Up

We will be reviewing your skin and how you are feeling about your results with every return visit!