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Ice Pack

Acne Prone | Sensitive


Everyone asks me for go-to home remedies to ease pain and inflammation from acne, and I will always say the same thing. Ice it!
This non traditional ice pack helps to alleviate heat and irritation from acne by cooling the inflammation with chilled soft gel, not actual ice. The soft surface will avoid freezing the skin like your average ice pack or whatever else you’ve been using from your freezer, so you can ice in peace, not in pain.
By applying the ice pack, your breakouts will decrease in size and discomfort, leaving a smaller less aggressive breakout behind and giving you some relief.


Clean the surface with mild soap and water between uses, toss in the freezer and reuse as often as you like! Everybody needs this at-home tool for instant relief.


Home Care

When the ice pack is cold and ready for use, apply to inflamed and irritated skin. Limit application to 1-2 minutes at a time to avoid discomfort. Use as often as needed.

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